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Scratching Your Color Itch

My job as an interior stylist allows me to help you celebrate all aspects of your home. My quest is that you are delighted with the way your home looks and feels each time you walk into it. My goal is that your home has your soul written all over it.

Although your home may seem complete, every few years, we feel the need to make a change, especially when it comes to color. Do not fret over this itch that comes over you.

Our taste in color changes, just like our food tastes change. This is due to emotional and/or cultural maturity. For example, you may travel to France, and just fall in love with the alluring blue/green that your Inn displayed, or the fantastic Comté cheese that you married each night with your evening glass of wine. These cultural experiences may bring a change in taste and the way you want to reflect your living spaces.

Making those changes whether emotional or cultural are good sign, and mirror that you, as a person are evolving, changing and developing. Why not employ that change in a new color palette in one, or all your spaces. Be inspired by a color that you've been attracted to recently - It could it be inspired by a color trend that you've just fallen in love with, or perhaps a new interest in your life; Art collecting, travel, or a hobby. How about that special Inn that you stayed at with that unusual, but stimulating blue/green hue or that perfect buttery ivory color of that yummy cheese you ate? Why not be motivated by those colors and try them out as a new foyer hue, a knobby hand knitted throw on your living room couch, or even soft silky silk panels in your master bedroom?

By taking a new single hue and spreading that color around the house, it becomes a new exciting connecting thread that will visually move you from one space to another. Best of all, you've made a change influenced by something you've come to enjoy, and scratch that itch...