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Shop and Sleep W/The Boys!

(so we're blushing a Not only can you shop with us During our Open House this week, but you can also "sleep" with us! When you visit the store, you can enter to win a one night stay at the wonderful Gratz Park Inn (featured on the Travel Channel, and acclaimed by many celebrities!)! If you haven't stayed there, it is a wonderful boutique hotel hidden downtown- wonderful for a night away from the kids, or just a night out on the town!

Actually last year, we redesigned on of the the suites! (You actually get a small glimpse of it around the 53/54 second marker of the video below). Our hopes are that when the winner uses their stay at the hotel, they will actually get to stay in our room...but guarantee!

Check out this great video of Gratz Park Inn! And stop by and shop...and register to sleep with us too! LOL

Sneak peak for Christmas Open House

If you want a sneak peak of the store for the Christmas Open House....

Here you go! A video (please watch in HD) and a couple of floral arrangements we made today!

We know how to Shop!

Here's a quick view of something we have in store for the Christmas Open House @ house! We stocked up on these pairs of felt skates! Last year we sold out of all we had in one day, so this year we did everything we could to find some more and different styles!

Just a word to the wise! We've been around town, and have heard some of our customers running through the store say that have seen them at other stores for $28.95-$38.95! We have them for $21.95 a pr!~ And if you come in during our Christmas Open House, you'll save 20% off of them!!! That comes to $17.56 after the discount!

We're always looking out to give you the best deal!

Updated* 11/08/2011 We sold out of all of these at our Christmas Open House! Hope that all of those that got some love them as much as we did! Such a great DEAL!!!!!!


hello, welcome fellow friends from around the world.

Lexington Holiday Open House Tour!

Scout, Decoratifs, and us are joining together in forces for a Lexington Holiday Open House tour next week and weekend. Stop by any of the three businesses and get a card that when signed by all three places, will qualify you for a $25 gift certificate to all three locations! You must visit all three locations! :) We're excited in joining forces with them! And hope to see you all out next week!

We're on Christmas Time!!!!

We have heard your cries...and are listening! We are adjusting our hours for the upcoming holiday season! Starting November 7 through December 12, we will be OPEN FROM 10-5 ON MONDAYS! That's right...we will be open 6 days a week! Mon-Sat!

Please note, this doesn't start until after the Christmas Open House, which is November 1-5. See you soon! The store is really starting to look like Christmas! We can't wait to share!

House by JSD

Local First Saves Again!!! I have to say, that the first time I found one of our items that we carry at House in a big box/chain store/catalogue, it wasn't the fact that it was there that surprised me, but rather the price that surprised me. The first time it happened, and we were 50% less, I thought it was a fluke! I mean, we work really hard at finding the best prices out there, and believe me when I say that it's work! But then it happened again, and again, and again, and every time, we were less! Some by 25%..sometimes less...sometimes more!

Well happened again! Just today these lanterns were delivered to the store! Of course, we all feel in love with them, because they ARE fabu! Well, this evening, I just happened to get on Pinterest (you can follow me at jeremyrice), and found them on someone's board from POTTERY BARN for considerably more! I don't remember our exact prices (I'm blogging from home)...but I remember the small one being under $30! They have it at $49! Here's a link to their page.

It really does prove that shopping your local stores and supporting your local community, not only invests in your neighbors, but you also get great values!!! This Christmas season, please support your local shops and boutiques! We're all working really hard to make our community succeed!

Fall Inspiration Table Scapes!

Recently, Jacki Allen asked us to create some fab Fall table scapes for her at a recent event! The best thing about the event wasn't the fact that we were asked to participate (however that was greatly appreciated), but that Jacki trusted us, and told us just to do whatever we wanted. It's always so rewarding and freeing just to be able to do "what you want". This allowed us to really be open to whatever inspired us that day! Before I go on, maybe you should watch the video! :) (BTW, the video is available in HD, so when you click on the video, and it starts to play, please click on the "360" and then highlight and click the "720" to see it in HD)

Although we had known about the event for a couple of weeks, having 4 weddings the weekend before, a photo shoto for Kentucky Monthly Magazine, and a 1000 other small things had totally gotten in the way of planning for the event. So honestly people, we were winging it! :) It was almost a challenge! What would we see that would inspire us and get our juices going! Well, as you know, Fall is so pretty it didn't take much to get the ideas!

For the first table seen, the single white and orange pumpkin was enough to get us rolling! It was a happy fresh fall color scheme that needed a little more base to bring it along, enter the grapevine tray and containers! Side note, how cute are they! So simple, and so darling! By stacking the three pumpkins, we were able to bring drama to the table, which were anchored by the tray and candles? Did you notice the little bouquet we threw together laying on the tray, totally darling!

The second table was absolutely the easiest! If you read my last blog for Kentucky Monthly (click here to read) you know that I love fall foilage, and it really is the simplest way to use something pulled right off of tree and create beauty! Truthfully, the leaves hadn't turned as much as I wished they would have, so we used mums to bring out the dark cranberry and rust tones showing in the leaves! Wrapped books and cake stands were a unexpected combinaton thrown in the mix, of course were divine!

The last table seen was possibly my favorite! First off, I love anything old tin, I love huge pinecones, and then lastly I am obsessed with Cabbage. And how beautiful were these purple and green ones! The mix with the cast iron containers, the cabbage, the wheat, some dusty miller, chocolate queen ann's lace, and the other flower that I can't seem to remember what in the world it's called at this very second, was enough to have me scream! Honestly, I might have squealled a little, lol. All of it was totally unexpected, but worked together in a beautiful manner!

Unfortunately we weren't able to stick around for the event and enjoy it with everyone, you'll notice that candles weren't even lit yet when I recorded this, we had to get back to town to hold down the store! But we heard that people loved the tables, and even more were inspired! Which is just the icing on the cake!

Don't forget to visit us the next time you're working on a special event or wedding! Cause whether we're prepared or winging it, WE'RE READY! :)

Fall and Halloween "Get it OUT OF HERE!" Sale (and some info about Christmas!)

Don't forget that this week (Tuesday through Saturday) at the store we're having our "Get it OUT OF HERE" Fall and Halloween Sale with 30% off all things Fall and Halloween! We HAVE to make room for Christmas! There are still lots of great pumpkins, fall arrangements, and floral picks to pick from, as well as some cute Halloween jewelry as seen here!

A lot of people coming in have been asking about our Christmas stuff...what do we have, when is it coming out, etc. The biggest surprise for us has been the perception for many out there, think that for Christmas we are just bringing out the same stuff we had in July.... THAT'S NOT TRUE!

We've had many many many large shipments since July with new product, and there are some incredible new things coming out! We are so excited to share everything with you!

This Christmas for us is going to be the biggest ever yet! We are so excited! We're actually going to start decorating this week for Christmas, so you can possibly start getting some secret peeps in the store what we have planned! Please share the word with your coworkers, friends, and family about our Christmas Open House Nov 1-5, where you'll save 20% on everything FAB for Christmas! Here's to making it a memorable Christmas with our friends and family...YOU!

The Boys,

Jeremy, Stuart, and Dwayne