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Sassy Wraps are Back & Just in Time for Holiday Giving!

It's Comfy and Chic!

Wear Multiple ways!
Super chic, super toasty and you'll be the favorite gift giver with these smashing wraps.  We have two different wraps for the cold weather season:  Both with the classic 2 big button closure, so you can wear them many ways.

Take your wrap to the restaurant, church, airport or a cuddle on the couch.
Email me @ to order!

Riverton - Khaki
The classic Riverton:  This go anywhere companion, is a delightful light weight knit. PRICE: $29.95

Winter Wardrobe Colors: 
  • Khaki
  • Eggplant
  • Chocolate
  • Winter White
  • Black
  • Red 
Davenport in Oatmeal
The Davenport - Cabled.  The perfect companion for jeans, cold offices and paired over a coat.  PRICE $32.95

Winter Wardrobe Colors:
  • Oatmeal
  • Wheat
  • Black
  • Red
  • Davenport in Red

House in the Advocate Messenger

Incase you missed it, we were included in an article by Abby Laub and the Advocate Messenger at the beginning of the month! Click here for a full PDF of the full story!

Once again...Local First Saves

OK....first things first, unless you've been under a know that we have Bourbon Rocks, which are a FABULOUS GIFT for Christmas! We first shared them with you back in February with our blog Bourbon Rocks (click here to visit) . Well as the gift season has approached, we found another place who is selling them as well, BUT WE'RE CHEAPER!

Instead of purchasing them at Restoration Hardware for $ can pick them up at House for $19.95!

We know, it's only 5 bucks...but HEY...that's almost lunch...a gallon of gas...or $5 for something else, that you can spend in your community! Don't forget to support your local businesses! It really does pay to shop locally!

Decorating Bardstown!

Monday Stuart and Jeremy visited Heaven Hill Distillery to decorate their Bourbon Heritage Center for Christmas. We had such a great time!

Every other year that we've done this (approx 6 years I think), there has been a total overall theme to the decor. This year, they wanted to have different areas of the building be decorated in different looks!

This wreath is one of two very large wreaths on different sides of the building! To get an idea of how big..they are as tall as Jeremy when standing on the ground! That large bow you see (not including the ribbon that goes around the wreath) took 10 yards of each ribbon!

This tree greets the visitors when they enter the gift shop! They wanted fun and happy, with Red, White, and Silver! I think we succeeded! I simply love the white boots! They are adorable! It's hard to see all of the detail in the tree, but those red and white poofs are actually iced white and red hydrangeas! There is so much in this tree that you can't see in the picture!

These last two photos are of the other large wreath on the other side of the building! I love the use of the burlap in these wreaths! Who says burlap and birch doesn't scream Christmas!

Notice in the close up, that we layered the two burlap ribbons to really show off the embroidered burlap! To do this, we started with the regular burlap and made several loops like we would for a normal bow. Then with the other ribbon, we made a smaller bow (with smaller loops than the regular ribbon), and then attached it to the center of the bow with chenilles (pipe cleaners).

Here's a small might have noticed the ribbon tails rolled up! To keep their shape, we used a stapler to staple the curls in so that the wind wouldn't blow them out! Only you and we know! :)

Making Your Home for the Holidays

With fall well on its way, a bit of frost on the dawn lawns, and the rich colors of autumn making way to subtle shades of whites and grays;  the Holiday Season is drawing near.  Most of us will happily host some sort of soiree, entertain a gathering of family and friends and  just want to fuss and primp our space in celebration of this very special time of year!

Here are some timely tips and helpful hints for November to help make your home for the holidays.

Make it Cozy:  From changing our pillows to unfolding those warm throws. nothing speaks “cozy” than creating an environment rich in comfort. Consider swapping out those silk or cotton pillows with ones enveloped in velvet, felted wool or knits (many retailers now offer just pillow covers to make the switch more budget and space friendly.) Consider investing in a faux fur or hand knit cabled throw to make that living room sofa or favorite chair a cold day cocoon.

Mongolian Wool Fur Throw
A rich throw changes the mood of the room.
 Overstock's Mongolian-Wool-Fur-Throw

 Vern Yip for HSN - Wool felt pillow

Light the Way: Lighting on dimmers will set the festive felling for your home. Create ambiance and mood by putting your plug in lighting on dimmers. You’ll love the results and also set the stage for your Christmas twinkles as well. Swap out your bulbs for “Reveal” bulbs that cast a softer hue. You room's hue and your complexion will thank you. Candle light is also a wonderful gem to make your home inviting and fulfill the senses.   From clean burning soy to battery operated wonders, the flicker and soft scent from candles make any environment happy.

Floral Arrangement in Silver Bucket
Add a Bit of Sparkle: Nothing says “Entertain in Style” more than shine and sparkle. Dig out that silver and get it polished. From footed punch bowls or ice buckets hosting a floral arrangement to serving trays showcasing powder room toiletries or a holiday vignette, silver makes everything look rich (whether plated or not!) You can also use this trick of the trade with metal such as copper, gold, brass or nickel.

Celebrate the Heirlooms: We have inherited or collected items with lifelong meaning. From vintage finds to pass down treasures; this time of year is the perfect time to pull out these special pieces. Dress up your Holiday Buffet by using Grandma’s tea cup collection as salt cellars, or butter pat holders. That French Antique Bird Cage can be a show stopper display on your foyer entry table with snow dusted sprigs, nest, and berries tucked inside. Reinvent your China Cabinet with a mix of old photos, ornaments and such to give your dining room a bit of ancestry.

Antique Bird Cage from Home Decorators

Check back next month for December’s list…