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We're Plaid Proud!

Make your Black Friday... PLAID!

This year has been an exciting year of "firsts" and "new" things for Stuart, Dwayne and myself, that's for sure! A new business, a new way of thinking, new clients, and new challenges. But for me personally, a new thing has truthfully come to front of my mind without a second thought, buy locally.

Being a Local Business owner, my eyes have been opened to how really important it is to support local businesses. Before, I never really thought of going to a local shop for gifts, or for lunch, or for...well anything. It was too easy to just stop by a "Big Box Store" and get something "cheap", and truthfully, I use the word "cheap" loosely. As I've found, we're often less expensive than "large retailers" on the same exact items.

Something as simple as produce was just a quick trip to Wal-mart or Meijer. But when I experienced the Farmer's Market, I discovered a whole new world of true local celebration. The Farmers Market is a great example of how easy it is to buy locally grown foods, support local farmers and their families, and make a fun experience out of the whole thing!

As Black Friday approaches, and we're all thinking of the excellent "sales" the Big Box/Big Retailers are preparing, don't forget the local retailers who are also sharing in the excitement with discounts, deals, and sales! And this my friend's is what has become known as "PLAID FRIDAY". Actually thought of and celebrated widely in Oakland, California, this day is simply the fun and enjoyable alternative to the big box store "Black Friday," and is designed promote both local and independently owned businesses during the holidays. The actual name Plaid Friday celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses, how we're all weaved together to make our own neighborhoods, cities, and towns. You can share in Plaid Friday by wearing Plaid, and by stopping by a local business. Whether it is our store, or someone elses, please make sure you stop by and let them know that you support them. We're all in this together!

See you Friday...and I'll be wearing my PLAID!

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Style Spotlight - The Forgotten Dining Room

With holiday celebrations just around the corner, now is a perfect time to address our Dining Rooms. The dining room is typically the least used room in any home. It also tends to be the room that is most difficult to decorate. Big, bulky furniture suites, extensive hardwood surfaces and space constraints conspire to prevent you from putting your personal stamp on the room. The dining room was intended to be a space used for celebrations, lively conversation and special occasion dining. Decorate this family gathering space with color, creative displays and d├ęcor that will make every guest feel welcome!

Ralph Lauren Wallpaper in BURNISHED CORK - TOBACCO
 • With wallpapers back in vogue, this may just be the room to unleash a paper creation! Textures, faux techniques, patterns, metallic’s and more are readily available with today’s advanced technology. With a dining room’s hardwood and suite of furniture, wallpaper is a great juxtaposition to the sameness of the space.

• If paint is your choice, choose a hue to compliments your furniture and celebrates you personal style. The dining room was meant for family gatherings and entertaining, so this is a perfect space to show off your personality. Why not pick a color that has been inching up to a new favorite?

Monochrome Dining Room

  • What's on your floor? -  Rug or no rug? Rugs can add warmth, anchor furniture, add color, texture and ambiance to a space.

• Rethink your Lighting. If your chandelier has seen better days, why not replace or repurpose the one you have? A chandelier should be about 12" narrower than the width of the table over which it hangs and hung approximately 30” above the surface. If you want to reinvent your existing piece – A new coat of paint, new shades or a ceiling medallion, can give a new piece a new life. Swap out your old switch for a dimmer too.

• Hang paintings, family portraits, and other wall art at a lower level so that you and your guests can enjoy them while seated at the dining table. Place a large mirror in the room across from windows to create an illusion of space or reflect your lovely chandelier.

• Shop your home, a local art gallery or store for paintings, prints, plates to adorn your walls. Antique or specialty plates make great wall art, especially hung in a collection. Art in this room should feed the soul with food or dining themes – Still life settings, photography of bistro store fronts, or club car dining are all great ideas for hung art.

Still Life Wtih Blooming Red Tulips Pre-made-framed Framed Art Print

Still Life Wtih Blooming Red Tulips Print by Nicole Etienne at

• Give your china cabinet a makeover by creating a seasonal display or a vignette of precious family objects. From holiday China to treasured ornaments removing the typical stored finds and reinventing the space will give your room a whole new identity. Antique family photos in small sterling silver frames become more meaningful when paired with an heirloom object, such as a pocket watch or a baby’s bootie. Creatively displayed postcards, pictures, souvenirs and other special remembrances make wonderful dinner conversation starters.

• Slip cover, reupholster or replace worn dining chairs. Purchase custom slipcovers with interesting details, such as back lacing, monogramming or fun trims. Reupholster your seats with a colorful fabric that matches the freshly painted walls. Replace the two captain’s chairs with upholstered parson’s chairs. The fabric will soften the hard woods in the room and create a softened look – Best of all, these chairs can be rotated into other spaces when needed.
Limited Edition Designer Parsons Slipcover

• Finally, set the mood for your room with accessories. For the table, river a Pashima shawl for a stunning look, tall glass footed hurricanes filled with seasonal finds, your buffet set with a sparkling silver pieces and each of your seats paired with a lumbar pillow.

By putting your personal stamp on your dining room you reinvent a forgotten space, create a mood for a room meant to celebrate family and friends and having a seasonal jumping off point for your holiday and entertaining decorating for this year
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