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Who Knew We Were So Popular?!!!!!

I have to admit....the three of us are blushing a little! Well.... actually a lot! So far this month, we've been featured in The Lane Report, TOPS Magazine, Kentucky Monthly, The Herald Leader, and a number of other magazines and newspapers in the area! It seems we're everywhere!

Stuart wrote a great article for the Lane Report about Holiday decorating! If you would like to read the article, make sure you find the magazine, or you can download the article here.

Dwayne has a home that he's decorated for years featured in TOPS magazine! There are several great pages of wonderful classic and traditional Kentucky touches in this one! How can you go wrong with classic!? And Dwayne definitely proves that with this home!

And don't miss Kentucky Monthly this month! There are several pages of Christmas touches that I worked on. Here's a little inside information! All of the photos for KM's Christmas part was taken at Dwayne's home in Paris! And his children really did make the finger paint canvas seen in the magazine! AND YES....those really are his framed family recipes on the hutch! :)

Try not to miss any of the stories out there about house this month, and even more...don't forget to share them with your friends!!!!

Tips on Selling Your Home During the Holidays

As the weather outside gets frightful, and people are focused on Black Friday sales and what Roast Beast they'll be serving is there hope for those who have their home FOR SALE?

A home can be sold during the holidays if you apply a few rules and stage your home properly.

Here in Chicago, our winter holidays are an open invitation to go WAY over board with the concept of "Decking the Halls" -With too many trims, lights and blow-up seasonal icons bellowing on our front yards.

Deck the halls in key "Showcase" areas of your home - Such as your kitchen island.
My business, Reinventing Space  had the pleasure to be featured a few weeks ago in a clever and informative article on Selling Your Home During the Holidays in the Chicago Tribune - "Make holiday home sale a reality."

Here is some key advice from the article:

•Those left combing the market during November and December are typically more serious about the home hunt, Spreen said. They might include families relocating for job changes, first-timers ready to leap during a slow market, and those who've recently sold a home and need a new place to live.

•"You'll have fewer showings, but they'll be more powerful," said Dennis Dooley, managing broker with Prudential Rubloff Properties. Holiday season buyers are typically "motivated and financially ready," he added.

•Deck the halls with restraint. Holiday decorations make homes festive and buyers merry. But too many ornaments, wreaths and garlands can obscure views, make rooms feel smaller and distract buyers from their true purpose: deciding whether or not your home is right for them.

•And think twice before displaying decorations specific to your religious or cultural heritage, said interior stylist Julea Joseph, owner of Reinventing Space in Palos Park, since it makes it more difficult for others who don't share your background or beliefs to envision themselves living in the space.

•Photographs should picture the home as it appears in the current season, but sellers may want to capture and post additional shots of summer landscaping to give a hint of what lies ahead.

•Tap the spirit. Light the fireplace if you have one. Decorate with a pretty throw. Make your home cozy, and someone else might want to nest there.

•Clear the schedule. Since buyers are likely to be fewer in number during the dark days of winter, be ready to accommodate the interest you do have.

Deck the halls "lite" when your home is on the market during the holidays.

Since 1999, certified interior stylist Julea Joseph has owned Chicago area based interiors and home staging business - Reinventing Space. Your can see her work on HGTV or in the news giving homeowners expert insight on how to refresh, style and celebrate their space -Whether staging their home to go on the market, just settling in, or just in need of a change.  Julea also offers her expertise with mentoring and certification educational offerings to Realtors, Home Stagers and Interior Redesigners in the industry. Visit her site, or Interior Stylist Program. For more information 708.448.7500 or email her at

Sassy Wraps are Back & Just in Time for Holiday Giving!

It's Comfy and Chic!

Wear Multiple ways!
Super chic, super toasty and you'll be the favorite gift giver with these smashing wraps.  We have two different wraps for the cold weather season:  Both with the classic 2 big button closure, so you can wear them many ways.

Take your wrap to the restaurant, church, airport or a cuddle on the couch.
Email me @ to order!

Riverton - Khaki
The classic Riverton:  This go anywhere companion, is a delightful light weight knit. PRICE: $29.95

Winter Wardrobe Colors: 
  • Khaki
  • Eggplant
  • Chocolate
  • Winter White
  • Black
  • Red 
Davenport in Oatmeal
The Davenport - Cabled.  The perfect companion for jeans, cold offices and paired over a coat.  PRICE $32.95

Winter Wardrobe Colors:
  • Oatmeal
  • Wheat
  • Black
  • Red
  • Davenport in Red

House in the Advocate Messenger

Incase you missed it, we were included in an article by Abby Laub and the Advocate Messenger at the beginning of the month! Click here for a full PDF of the full story!

Once again...Local First Saves

OK....first things first, unless you've been under a know that we have Bourbon Rocks, which are a FABULOUS GIFT for Christmas! We first shared them with you back in February with our blog Bourbon Rocks (click here to visit) . Well as the gift season has approached, we found another place who is selling them as well, BUT WE'RE CHEAPER!

Instead of purchasing them at Restoration Hardware for $ can pick them up at House for $19.95!

We know, it's only 5 bucks...but HEY...that's almost lunch...a gallon of gas...or $5 for something else, that you can spend in your community! Don't forget to support your local businesses! It really does pay to shop locally!

Decorating Bardstown!

Monday Stuart and Jeremy visited Heaven Hill Distillery to decorate their Bourbon Heritage Center for Christmas. We had such a great time!

Every other year that we've done this (approx 6 years I think), there has been a total overall theme to the decor. This year, they wanted to have different areas of the building be decorated in different looks!

This wreath is one of two very large wreaths on different sides of the building! To get an idea of how big..they are as tall as Jeremy when standing on the ground! That large bow you see (not including the ribbon that goes around the wreath) took 10 yards of each ribbon!

This tree greets the visitors when they enter the gift shop! They wanted fun and happy, with Red, White, and Silver! I think we succeeded! I simply love the white boots! They are adorable! It's hard to see all of the detail in the tree, but those red and white poofs are actually iced white and red hydrangeas! There is so much in this tree that you can't see in the picture!

These last two photos are of the other large wreath on the other side of the building! I love the use of the burlap in these wreaths! Who says burlap and birch doesn't scream Christmas!

Notice in the close up, that we layered the two burlap ribbons to really show off the embroidered burlap! To do this, we started with the regular burlap and made several loops like we would for a normal bow. Then with the other ribbon, we made a smaller bow (with smaller loops than the regular ribbon), and then attached it to the center of the bow with chenilles (pipe cleaners).

Here's a small might have noticed the ribbon tails rolled up! To keep their shape, we used a stapler to staple the curls in so that the wind wouldn't blow them out! Only you and we know! :)

Making Your Home for the Holidays

With fall well on its way, a bit of frost on the dawn lawns, and the rich colors of autumn making way to subtle shades of whites and grays;  the Holiday Season is drawing near.  Most of us will happily host some sort of soiree, entertain a gathering of family and friends and  just want to fuss and primp our space in celebration of this very special time of year!

Here are some timely tips and helpful hints for November to help make your home for the holidays.

Make it Cozy:  From changing our pillows to unfolding those warm throws. nothing speaks “cozy” than creating an environment rich in comfort. Consider swapping out those silk or cotton pillows with ones enveloped in velvet, felted wool or knits (many retailers now offer just pillow covers to make the switch more budget and space friendly.) Consider investing in a faux fur or hand knit cabled throw to make that living room sofa or favorite chair a cold day cocoon.

Mongolian Wool Fur Throw
A rich throw changes the mood of the room.
 Overstock's Mongolian-Wool-Fur-Throw

 Vern Yip for HSN - Wool felt pillow

Light the Way: Lighting on dimmers will set the festive felling for your home. Create ambiance and mood by putting your plug in lighting on dimmers. You’ll love the results and also set the stage for your Christmas twinkles as well. Swap out your bulbs for “Reveal” bulbs that cast a softer hue. You room's hue and your complexion will thank you. Candle light is also a wonderful gem to make your home inviting and fulfill the senses.   From clean burning soy to battery operated wonders, the flicker and soft scent from candles make any environment happy.

Floral Arrangement in Silver Bucket
Add a Bit of Sparkle: Nothing says “Entertain in Style” more than shine and sparkle. Dig out that silver and get it polished. From footed punch bowls or ice buckets hosting a floral arrangement to serving trays showcasing powder room toiletries or a holiday vignette, silver makes everything look rich (whether plated or not!) You can also use this trick of the trade with metal such as copper, gold, brass or nickel.

Celebrate the Heirlooms: We have inherited or collected items with lifelong meaning. From vintage finds to pass down treasures; this time of year is the perfect time to pull out these special pieces. Dress up your Holiday Buffet by using Grandma’s tea cup collection as salt cellars, or butter pat holders. That French Antique Bird Cage can be a show stopper display on your foyer entry table with snow dusted sprigs, nest, and berries tucked inside. Reinvent your China Cabinet with a mix of old photos, ornaments and such to give your dining room a bit of ancestry.

Antique Bird Cage from Home Decorators

Check back next month for December’s list…

Shop and Sleep W/The Boys!

(so we're blushing a Not only can you shop with us During our Open House this week, but you can also "sleep" with us! When you visit the store, you can enter to win a one night stay at the wonderful Gratz Park Inn (featured on the Travel Channel, and acclaimed by many celebrities!)! If you haven't stayed there, it is a wonderful boutique hotel hidden downtown- wonderful for a night away from the kids, or just a night out on the town!

Actually last year, we redesigned on of the the suites! (You actually get a small glimpse of it around the 53/54 second marker of the video below). Our hopes are that when the winner uses their stay at the hotel, they will actually get to stay in our room...but guarantee!

Check out this great video of Gratz Park Inn! And stop by and shop...and register to sleep with us too! LOL

Sneak peak for Christmas Open House

If you want a sneak peak of the store for the Christmas Open House....

Here you go! A video (please watch in HD) and a couple of floral arrangements we made today!

We know how to Shop!

Here's a quick view of something we have in store for the Christmas Open House @ house! We stocked up on these pairs of felt skates! Last year we sold out of all we had in one day, so this year we did everything we could to find some more and different styles!

Just a word to the wise! We've been around town, and have heard some of our customers running through the store say that have seen them at other stores for $28.95-$38.95! We have them for $21.95 a pr!~ And if you come in during our Christmas Open House, you'll save 20% off of them!!! That comes to $17.56 after the discount!

We're always looking out to give you the best deal!

Updated* 11/08/2011 We sold out of all of these at our Christmas Open House! Hope that all of those that got some love them as much as we did! Such a great DEAL!!!!!!


hello, welcome fellow friends from around the world.

Lexington Holiday Open House Tour!

Scout, Decoratifs, and us are joining together in forces for a Lexington Holiday Open House tour next week and weekend. Stop by any of the three businesses and get a card that when signed by all three places, will qualify you for a $25 gift certificate to all three locations! You must visit all three locations! :) We're excited in joining forces with them! And hope to see you all out next week!

We're on Christmas Time!!!!

We have heard your cries...and are listening! We are adjusting our hours for the upcoming holiday season! Starting November 7 through December 12, we will be OPEN FROM 10-5 ON MONDAYS! That's right...we will be open 6 days a week! Mon-Sat!

Please note, this doesn't start until after the Christmas Open House, which is November 1-5. See you soon! The store is really starting to look like Christmas! We can't wait to share!

House by JSD

Local First Saves Again!!! I have to say, that the first time I found one of our items that we carry at House in a big box/chain store/catalogue, it wasn't the fact that it was there that surprised me, but rather the price that surprised me. The first time it happened, and we were 50% less, I thought it was a fluke! I mean, we work really hard at finding the best prices out there, and believe me when I say that it's work! But then it happened again, and again, and again, and every time, we were less! Some by 25%..sometimes less...sometimes more!

Well happened again! Just today these lanterns were delivered to the store! Of course, we all feel in love with them, because they ARE fabu! Well, this evening, I just happened to get on Pinterest (you can follow me at jeremyrice), and found them on someone's board from POTTERY BARN for considerably more! I don't remember our exact prices (I'm blogging from home)...but I remember the small one being under $30! They have it at $49! Here's a link to their page.

It really does prove that shopping your local stores and supporting your local community, not only invests in your neighbors, but you also get great values!!! This Christmas season, please support your local shops and boutiques! We're all working really hard to make our community succeed!

Fall Inspiration Table Scapes!

Recently, Jacki Allen asked us to create some fab Fall table scapes for her at a recent event! The best thing about the event wasn't the fact that we were asked to participate (however that was greatly appreciated), but that Jacki trusted us, and told us just to do whatever we wanted. It's always so rewarding and freeing just to be able to do "what you want". This allowed us to really be open to whatever inspired us that day! Before I go on, maybe you should watch the video! :) (BTW, the video is available in HD, so when you click on the video, and it starts to play, please click on the "360" and then highlight and click the "720" to see it in HD)

Although we had known about the event for a couple of weeks, having 4 weddings the weekend before, a photo shoto for Kentucky Monthly Magazine, and a 1000 other small things had totally gotten in the way of planning for the event. So honestly people, we were winging it! :) It was almost a challenge! What would we see that would inspire us and get our juices going! Well, as you know, Fall is so pretty it didn't take much to get the ideas!

For the first table seen, the single white and orange pumpkin was enough to get us rolling! It was a happy fresh fall color scheme that needed a little more base to bring it along, enter the grapevine tray and containers! Side note, how cute are they! So simple, and so darling! By stacking the three pumpkins, we were able to bring drama to the table, which were anchored by the tray and candles? Did you notice the little bouquet we threw together laying on the tray, totally darling!

The second table was absolutely the easiest! If you read my last blog for Kentucky Monthly (click here to read) you know that I love fall foilage, and it really is the simplest way to use something pulled right off of tree and create beauty! Truthfully, the leaves hadn't turned as much as I wished they would have, so we used mums to bring out the dark cranberry and rust tones showing in the leaves! Wrapped books and cake stands were a unexpected combinaton thrown in the mix, of course were divine!

The last table seen was possibly my favorite! First off, I love anything old tin, I love huge pinecones, and then lastly I am obsessed with Cabbage. And how beautiful were these purple and green ones! The mix with the cast iron containers, the cabbage, the wheat, some dusty miller, chocolate queen ann's lace, and the other flower that I can't seem to remember what in the world it's called at this very second, was enough to have me scream! Honestly, I might have squealled a little, lol. All of it was totally unexpected, but worked together in a beautiful manner!

Unfortunately we weren't able to stick around for the event and enjoy it with everyone, you'll notice that candles weren't even lit yet when I recorded this, we had to get back to town to hold down the store! But we heard that people loved the tables, and even more were inspired! Which is just the icing on the cake!

Don't forget to visit us the next time you're working on a special event or wedding! Cause whether we're prepared or winging it, WE'RE READY! :)

Fall and Halloween "Get it OUT OF HERE!" Sale (and some info about Christmas!)

Don't forget that this week (Tuesday through Saturday) at the store we're having our "Get it OUT OF HERE" Fall and Halloween Sale with 30% off all things Fall and Halloween! We HAVE to make room for Christmas! There are still lots of great pumpkins, fall arrangements, and floral picks to pick from, as well as some cute Halloween jewelry as seen here!

A lot of people coming in have been asking about our Christmas stuff...what do we have, when is it coming out, etc. The biggest surprise for us has been the perception for many out there, think that for Christmas we are just bringing out the same stuff we had in July.... THAT'S NOT TRUE!

We've had many many many large shipments since July with new product, and there are some incredible new things coming out! We are so excited to share everything with you!

This Christmas for us is going to be the biggest ever yet! We are so excited! We're actually going to start decorating this week for Christmas, so you can possibly start getting some secret peeps in the store what we have planned! Please share the word with your coworkers, friends, and family about our Christmas Open House Nov 1-5, where you'll save 20% on everything FAB for Christmas! Here's to making it a memorable Christmas with our friends and family...YOU!

The Boys,

Jeremy, Stuart, and Dwayne

Construction Site Management - Material Storage

A construction site has many materials at any one point. Most of these are usually in their raw state, meaning that they will undergo some process before they can be input into the building to form a part of the building. They come in different forms and can be categorized as below;

· Factory Goods: These are mostly off the shelf items, they are unique in the fact that they can easily be resold and are therefore easy targets for pilferage. They are also delicate in the fact that they have unique storage requirements. Examples here include;

o Cement: The most important attribute to consider in the storage of cement is the fact that it reacts chemically when in contact with moisture. For this reason, it should be kept under shade and on a platform, away from excessive moisture.

o Ceramics: These include water closets, wash basins, Tiles and the like. They are extremely delicate and will easily break. This attribute is also shared with glasses. They should therefore be properly packaged in padded cartons and away from areas of much activity, usually under lock and key.

o Ironmongery: These include locks, hinges, handles and the like. Owing to their small sizes, they are prone to pilfering. These should also be kept well locked and only issued under strict accountability.

· Raw materials: This category belongs to the main items like stone, ballast and sand. These are not prone to the previous problems like weather and pilferage. However, they have one attribute that is being bulky. They consume a lot of space on site and require a generous allocation of storage space. These are best stored in bays and contained using things like stones, in the case of sand.

· Workshop finished items: This category also includes semi-finished items, for example in the case of timber. Items here are usually ready for installing in the works and are mostly purpose made. Some may have been imported from overseas and in their exact measurements. This means that damage or loss of such will lead to a very expensive work of replacement. Examples here include Fixtures, timber, roofing materials et cetera.

Material storage is a very important part of site management. How materials are delivered and dispatched determines how easily things flow. In almost all cases, site space is usually restricted and as such, material storage should be very well thought out. One thing to consider is that only the important and requisite materials and items per time should be stored on site to minimize on the risks mentioned above. Records should be kept very in good accuracy of all materials required, ordered, delivered, accepted, stored, dispatched, put to the works and any deficits. Good material storage ensures the following benefits on site.

· Easy movement around site
· Reduction in waste and damages
· Reduction of loss by theft or otherwise

Article Source:

Fresh Flowers = Smiling Faces!

Without a doubt there is just something about a sunflower that makes you smile! Here are some fresh flowers that we made for a customer's dinner party last week! It's amazing how much of a feeling flowers can create! So happy!@ Don't forget us the next time you need a fresh floral arrangement. No matter how big or small!

Some of our Latest Wedding Work!

We thought we would share some images of one of the many beautiful weddings we've done so far this year! There are many more weddings we hope to get up here soon! Hope you enjoy these until then! If you are on Pinterest, feel free to pin away!

Check our our Isabella nightstand featured in Traditional Home's Kaleidoscope By the Sea. Read the article here: Kaleidoscope By the Sea

Check our our Isabella nightstand featured in Traditional Home's Kaleidoscope By the Sea. Read the article here: Kaleidoscope By the Sea

We would like to give a shout out to our friends at . DCFM's has been the leader in showcasing websites for Mom's. They recently wrote an article on Redford House and commented on our color palette. Check out the article here: Redford House article


First we must say....THANK YOU! Because of your kindness and support of the 3 of us, and our baby that we call 'house'....We came in 2nd place in the Herald Leader's Readers' Choice 2011! Thank you thank you thank you!
You must know that we love what we do, where we are at in our own lives, and that we love having all of you all in our lives! We've only been open for a little over a year and a half, and have had so much support from the community and our wonderful customers, that we're not really sure how to react!
Last January, when one door closed for the three of us, the outlook

Lunch & Learn Broker's Open - Tips & Techniques

Today I'll be partnering at a Lunch  Learn Broker's Open at a vacant home that I staged.  It's a great opportunity to showcase my client's home, promote my work and create partnerships with the Realtor and vendors I worked with on this project.

We've set the scene from 11-1 with a Home Staging tips and techniques workshop, a guided tour of the home, catered food and sassy invitations to locals - both Realtors and Clients.

My workshop is titled  5 Home Staging “Musts” in This Market

- On my end, I'll be bringing some simple floral arrangements to create a bit of home ambiance, workshop pass-outs and gift bags with my marketing materials and mini color fan decks from Pottery Barn.

Broker's Open - Open House Gift Bags & Goodies

As a Home Staging Professional, don't stop at the staging, continue packaging the home by offering your expertise and talents in marketing the home as well!

Julea Joseph of Reinventing Space has created her own recipe for success with her signature Interior Stylist Philosophy. She helps you develop your style, celebrate your home and makes the most of what you already own.

Julea has been featured in countess articles in newspapers and magazines, HGTV’s “Decorating Cents,” “My First Place,” and array of Chicago TV, and even hosts two hometown cable Cooking & Decorating shows. Over the past 8 years her expertise has extended to educational forums ranging from industry certification educator, library workshops to a Board of Realtors Instructor.

Christmas in July Open House

Christmas in July with "The Boys"

We've been quiet for the last little bit....because we've been working our little patuties off getting this place ready for our Summer Christmas Open House! Believe me when I say I'm covered in glitter on a daily basis right now!
Stuart, Dwayne, and myself have been slaving away trying to make this more exciting than ever before! There is so much work to do, and at the end of the much glitter to wash off! Look for more news coming soon....I'll get back on here when I can get Stuart dug out from under all of the boxes!
From the three of us to you all.....JUST WAIT! It's going to be a great year for Christmas with "the boys"
here's a little sneak peak of what's to come!