The NEW Neutral - Grey

Grey Matters

There is a hip new color in town - If you’re thinking of giving your home a fresh coat of paint, adding new window treatments, or are looking to invest in a new piece of furniture, Consider Grey. Grey is the new hue, the new neutral – It’s the new Taupe. Grey has been sneaking into our palette over the past few years, showing up in fashion, and as now as part of new collections in large décor retailers such as Crate & Barrel, West Elm and Horchow. Pick up any decorating magazine, and you’ll see it too.
So what’s so great about grey? Grey is most associated with the practical, timeless, middle-of-the-road, solid things in life. And in times of economic challenges, well, grey is solid like a rock. This new neutral pairs perfectly with a wide range of colors, can bridge the brighter jewel-tone hues, and pairs beautifully with black, white and all shades of brown. And is you are an art lover, gray is the perfect backdrop to display your collection.
So if you’re ready to take a leap into a new color, grey may be a new choice for you.
Here are a few Grays to try out:
Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray 7644 -a beautiful warm tone, perfect for foyers and halls. Or is you need a bit of drama, try Ben Moore Affinity hue in Sparrow AF-720. This deep green gray is stunning when paired with cream and pewter. Or it’s close cousin, Sherwin William’s classic Library Pewter 0038 which I just used in a model’s library with cool blues, chrome, and browns.