The Easy Decorator - Liz & Hector's House

We started filming a new show for Channel 4 as a spin-off to The Easy Gourmet - The Easy Decorator.  The 1st Segment will be a series of shows about a newlywed couple and their quest to make their new home their own!

Purchased this summer, Liz and Hector's house has great bones, a wonderful color palette and new furnishings. The problem is putting their stamp on the spaces.

We'll start in the Living Room - Their goal is to make this space a comfortable, inviting room for conversation and entertaining.  The furniture and rug were recently purchased and the tables gifted hand-me-downs. Not much on the accessory home front, with the exception of the footed hurricane vase (on cocktail table.)

The other issue they have is their large picture window spanning one wall of the entire room. In order to make the space inviting, I suggested window treatments in a red silk which will soften the hard ines of the walls, add color and make the space cozy and inviting. Window treatments can be expensive; a real concern for the recently married couple.

Another recent purchase was this lovely entry table, mirror and lamp suite - Both would love that this grouping be an inspiration for their decorating style launching pad. The style is classic, yet the paint technique is eclectic and casual and the lamp has lots of character with its funky shade and accent beading.  They also like the oiled bronze of the metal.

So, let's get started:
Rather than toss the gift tables because they are not quite to their taste, I suggested they get a makeover.  Paint the tables to match the inspirational piece, or just a nice black - A spray can will do it!  Add 4 window hardware finials to the bottom of the legs of the cocktail table to give it some height, and if they can find it -A thift store glass table topper to make it bigger. For the side table, paint and new hardware.

Purchase another side table to be placed on the other side of the sofa. (

Two Lamps for the Side Tables inspired by the entry table lamp, but making sure the height is in scale to the couch, and the base width too.  Most people have a tendency to buy the wrong height lighting! Look for lamps in the 25" and up range.

Purchase a nice large piece of art for over the sofa (,) keeping in mind we've got a BIG window and a long couch.  If you can't find one big piece, a series or 2 or 3 will make up the space.
For the windows, because the span is so large - It is crucial not to skimp on the width of the panels.  JCPenney's has some great ones and store bought, rather than custom, will save Liz & Hector some cash. (84"x92" width Panels - Hardware can be metal in oiled bronze or black wood to match their new wood tone. Lowes has some nice wood rods.  Make sure the hardware is set off the windows at least 8 inches, if not more.

Fill the hurricane with some great finds, such a bagged porpourri mix with pods etc.. or a spring inspiration such as eggs (  Place the hurricane on a stack of large coffee table books (all in clearnace still from the holidyas,) for a bit of height, and the books too will add a bit of sophistication, as well as great reading material!
Check back soon to see the results!