Fall Decorations - Tips & Techniques

Mother Nature is beginning to put on her grandest show for the year, and we're heading to the attic or basement for all those boxes marked "Fall Decorations."

As many of you would agree, fall is a great season to change out or update your seasonal and home décor, but just like our wardrobe, sometimes we need to weed out or refresh our stash. Here a few ideas and tips to help you update your home for the season and infused the latest trends into your home décor.

1.) Give your rooms a new arrangement. Fall is the perfect time to review your spaces and ready your rooms for the upcoming succession of holidays. Like a blank canvas, a new arrangement gives you an introduction for a medley of fresh ideas from accessory placement to infusing new color ideas. By starting at the base, you can layer on interesting new ideas, rotate your collections and perhaps come up with something totally new! (Insider Arrangement tip: Your hearth, piano or picture window is appropriate launching points for your new redesign.)

2.) Shop Your Home and Reinvent It. Unveil those fall décor boxes and sort through your decorating goods by shopping your own home. Metallics are still in the fore front of 2010-11 trends. Could your ceramic pumpkin and Indian corn collection get a hip makeover with a quick coat of trendy pearlized or high gloss paint; perhaps those pitted cabinet knobs, a lamp bases, or a painting frame could be given the same coat, creating a new metallic tread to your décor? From lamp shades to art print's mats - small changes made to your old stuff gives them the same result as a bit of Botox!

3.) Put it into Rotation. The same stuff out all the time, in the same place becomes a bit dull on the eyes - Consider a rotation of your accessories. Packing away a few of your room’s accessory staples when seasonally decorating, not only rejuvenates your room, but when you bring it back into the mix, put it in a different spot! My motto is - "A pumpkin in, means a Llardro out. "

4.) Layer it.  As the temperature goes down, the layers come out.  Nothing speaks more to the season than cozy & warm textiles.  Hot trends are nature inspired textural prints, animal motifs and ethnic patchworks - So incorporate layered fabrics and other textiles like rugs into your seasonal decorating.  Have an old quilt that can be reinvented into a beautiful pillow, framed as art, or upholstered into a footstool? Don't be afraid to layer more than one rug on the floor or consider that rugs can be wall art too. (Insider Tip: No one ever said you can't use fabrics as accessories - Down tables, tossed on sofa backs or tucked into or on top of bookcases or armories.)

•6.) Coordinate with Color. Incorporating a new color palette into a space is one of the easiest ways to revitalize a room. Some new color combinations may evoke your creativity when seasonally accessioning your rooms, looking for a new pillows, window panels, throws or creating vignettes:
-Coffee Bean Brown paired with Artichoke Green
-Dove Grey paired with Navy
-Deep Plum paired with Paprika
Try Chambourd and Buttered Yam Affinity hues by Ben Moore
-Apple Green paired with Tomato Red
-Smoky Pale Blue paired with Metallic Champagne Beige