The Perfect Valentines Gift

February 14th is here with us and as happens all years, the spirit of love is in its peak. Everyone is running up and down looking for that perfect gift for their loved ones. The red rose is the first and most obvious gift that everyone pounces on. The flower farmers are in their good times and the same goes for flower vendors. In fact, all the hawkers in town are flushing whatever red items they can put their fingers on, so long as it passes for a gift. Wineries and gift card makers are also counting fortunes from their products.  Restaurants are also in their best form and trying their best to outdo their competition in offering their customers, all with the ‘couple’ tag, the most memorable moments, whether in the heart of the city, beach resort or mountainous get away. 

And this year it is even getting better, mobile phone service providers are outdoing themselves with offers for the most feminine gadgets around. Even insurance companies have introduced packages most fitting for the season! In this society, it goes without saying that more gifts will be going from the masculine direction to the feminine than the opposite. There was even this opinion poll published in the weekend papers on various aspects of the famous day, ranging from the average amount a man is likely to spend on their wives (or girlfriends for that matter) to which house they will visit on the important. ‘Which house’ because it is very common these days for men to have more than one house to support.
  • ·         So, what is the perfect gift to give out to your loved one this Valentines Day?
  • ·         Just how much is enough to make the right statement to your loved one?
  • ·         What is really the meaning of Valentines Day?  
It is not questionable the fact that gifts must be handed across lovers. One of the things to note here is the fact that the gift that one gives must come from the heart and should depict the right impression of the feelings in our heart towards our intimate partners. This does not necessarily mean expensive as many may be tempted to think. It means that what you got for your lover is exactly what they might have asked for, had they the chance. It should be the considerable and reasonable wish they have had in their hearts, the dreams they have on you. It must not even be tangible, for what would be so wrong with a promise for the common future! Think of his proposal you have always postponed answer!  The cost of the Valentines Gift should not even be known by the receiver. I mused over a famous and most expensive package on offer around. This may not necessarily convert to a gigantic and overwhelming welcome by the receiver, for as they say, money cannot buy love. 

Another important thing to note is the fact that, Valentines marks the beginning of the year of love, just like January marks the onset of the calendar year. For this reason, the specific day is not as important as the days ahead, albeit its importance should not be underplayed. It would be more important to impress all year round rather than on one day alone. And while the day might fall on the wrong day of the week, keeping you away from your lover or your pocket might not support that bouquet of red roses; your love should not be regarded less.  Moreover, it would be more important to make ‘new year’ resolutions for your love and seeking ways to making it a better relationship than spending all your savings on an expensive dinner. I surmise it would be a better gift this Valentines Day to give up that mistress than an overseas trip with the mother of your children. The disclosure of the same would be priceless…but don’t kill her with a heart attack. Tell her the way you told her of her mother’s demise!

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