The Second Initiation

So now the secondary schools are welcoming juniors, who have apparently been so senior in their earlier niche that their horns could no longer fit in the low bushes! And into another land so open that the same horns have to be hidden in the sand lest some "tools of routine maintenance" have to come to play!

Well done boys and girls! You must have really earned it - of course from a hard book-digging or deep pocket-digging! Anyhow, you are now into a new territory and this should sink to the deepest of your heads!

Below is a letter of advice that i received from a good friend when i was about to be in your situation and maybe it will be of use to some of you!

It went like....

Carrying a metal box, bucket and hockey stick (something you never saw until today and you'll never see thereafter - the latter goes for the bucket, only that it's loss is often more memorable!) is a precedent, a rite of passage in its own way! Needless to say that the usual "inmate barrier" at the end of the "show me this, go touch that circuit" is a precedent!

A wise first timer knows that talking is a reserve of a few and even when asked to, hesitation is in many ways the better choice! But wisdom comes with age and the first few weeks is far away from age in this world of iron and mud! One wrong statement and you're down a damn slippery stretch, the end of which is a pool of shit....drowning is inevitable!

Laughter is not an option, nothing is a joke if it faces you! Now, if laughter is strictly prohibited, try crying! This prompts a mandatory "apologetic call" to one's mother. Make a guess what the handset is....a boot size 10 fresh from the foot of a footballer's appendage, after two straight hours of marijuana-powered practising session!

Meals are officially mandatory, but missing them is also an option you'd consider inputting in your program or else it might crash! Your mellow-looking melamine plate might be the cause of appetite-loss, especially due to a lost tooth! That nice mug will only be a darling to your hands but might never kiss your lips in the foreseeable days!

You sure have strong bones and even stronger immunity after the longest holiday of your young life, don't expect to use that therapeutic matress and those cosy blankets. Someone will find you more appropriate beddings to check on the possibility of over-sleeping!

So your mother taught you how to wash clothes and iron them, thank her for this, your expertise will come in handy..not everyone washes their clothes...and everyone goes to class groomed (Apart from you if you liked the look of Mr. Principal!) And, oh, that new trouser fits better in someone else's buttocks! Yours can well stand the morning cold, not to mention it's still tender enough for the eyes, don't mind the peep holes!

There's much more i can talk to you here, but i think that too much of a thing is another thing! Just assimillate that and when you are'll get more elsewhere!

And that is how my letter read, and that is how it turned out to be!

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