Times of Change

Nothing lasts forever! Everything changes, with time being the factor of measurement. There is a common local slang that goes like “tumetoka mbali” (We’ve come from far). This is usually an ingredient whenever a current affair is compared with its not-so-long-ago antecedent. That the days are going faster in this age is a common connotation and this follows all the other aspects of days on the run!
Everything is in its own revolution these days, from the society to religion and everything else in between. Not one parent have I heard complain of ‘strange behavior’ by their children. The games have changed. The language of the young is totally poles apart with that of the old folk. Am reminded of the days past, not so long ago though, when the trunk phone was the most reliable form of remote communication! People would give ‘phone dates’, something like “I will give you a ring on Friday at 10am.” The recipient would then hover around the nearby (we are talking kilometers here) public telephone booth for as long as would take the caller to keep their word. Too bad if there was the characteristic long queue on weekends or worse still the other guy doesn’t call! Fast forward 2010, mobile phone explosion! Necessity for all and sundry.
But change is the meaning of life. It is the reason the sun comes up and goes down, the seasons change and the young lose their lithe! ‘Coming of age’ is usually a misnomer for a stationary point in the projectile of life. Soon the benefits of that day are eroded by those of the next and their memories quickly trashed to the decadence of epoch. The pride of today’s achievements is only a blindfold to reality of the gluttony of nature. The insatiable want for more. This is habitually obscured by the challenges of the times ahead.
The only thing to keep in mind is that only quitters can escape the reality of life, albeit momentarily and only fools regret for a day gone past because that is a closed case.

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