Room Makeover Services - As Easy as 1,2,3

1st recommended by her Realtor when she 1st arrived in the Chicago land area from Louisville in 2007, my new client wanted to put her stamp on her new home. We used what she already owned, and made her new home hers with a new wall color paint palette and interior redesign.
Three years later, relocated again - I'm at it again with her new home in Indiana.

If you're read to make a change, or have just moved into a new home, Room Makeovers are great way to revitalizing a home. Also know as interior arrangement, or redesign, this decorating technique celebrates the homeowner's existing things. By using the client's own pieces, it validates past purchases, embraces family treasures and readies a space for new decorating ideas or purchases.

  1. Color Consultation - Often times a new homeowner wants to start decorating their new home from the get-go. Gone with the old homeowners, in with color choices in-tune to her belongings and personal style.

  2. Interior Redesign- We take what you have and make it all work within your new home. In a few hours, your blank space becomes your space. Your room becomes balanced, functional and unified. Best of all, you get instant gratification, validate your existing pieces, and readies the space for family and friends. If added items are desired, I'll create a "wish list" of things that will enhance the room further.

  3. Shopping & Traditional Design Services- If you'd like to refresh and add to your collections, I can make suggestion or shop for those new pieces. I too offer more traditional design service such as window treatments and one-of-kind accents such as custom floral arrangements to add those finishing touches to your space.

End Result: A home you can call you own, without the stress of thinking you have to buy ALL NEW. A space you can entertain and live-in within a few weeks of moving in.

"The thing I love about you Julea is that I would of thought to put everything back just the way you had it in my old home, instead your found a whole different way of arranging and displaying my things to fit into my new home - creating something fresh and new." - Angela