Tread Carefully When Seasonally Staging/Decorating Your Home

I'll be getting interviewed for our local paper in 1 hour on Holiday Decorating & Entertaining. After spending the weekend compiling my thoughts and doing a bit detective work, here is my thoughts on Holiday Decor for your home.

Retail can be overwhelming; you can be swayed and tempted a few times within an isle these days. From new color combinations in the ornament lane, to adorable tiny bales of hay - Retailers aim for you to spend. So here is a philosophy to apply when seasonally decorating -
· When seasonally staging/decorating a home keep true to the bones of the home and the decorative style of the interior. Be very careful when dressing and styling the home to keep in-tune to the price point, architecture, and decorative interior style of the home whether it is for sale or not.

Example: A Colonial looks best with classic seasonal decor on the outside - The burlap Hoe-Down theme looks out-of-place with the classic lines and refinery of the home. Instead, replant your entry Urns with seasonal finds - Tall grasses, mums, kale, pumpkins or gourds. Or create a bit of whimsy with a pumpkin topiary by stacking graduated sized pumpkins within the urns. Symmetry is key when working with formal style.

Example: Inside: IN this same style home an entry or dining table looks festive with a fall inspired floral in an eye-catching container of polished copper or silver. Apple baskets or primitive wood containers will not be in-tuned to the home's style. Instead, mix in a bit of everlasting pods, berries or branches to bring a bit of the "nature" trend alive. Purchase plaid or a fall colored stripe yardage from a local fabric store for use as runners or simple throws. The plaid or stripe pattern will pair beautifully with your traditional interior design. Want to create that cozy feel - Look for throws in a small pile "fur" such as sheared mink.

On that same note, it is a struggle these days to find the time to even consider not using paper plates, paper table clothes and throw away serving trays when hosting a celebration. DON"T! Unless you have over 60 coming, paper is just a no-no. Whether it is a Broker's open or a Holiday gathering for friends and family, take the extra effort and make it special.

Example: Broker's Open/Casual Gathering - If you have to get "throw-away," purchase clear plastic or at least the paper square plates in a solid color. Crazy patterns and motif only fight with what is on the plate, and if they're extra cute, become the conversation rather than the home... Transfer the chow to new platters. If the food is store bought, by this simple move, it goes ready-made to home-made. From thrown together, to thought out. Add a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers, a "with compliments" bag of pumpkin seeds with your card attached, and you've just made a great statement.